Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday and What is Up?

     Friday a day that I will spend working on the book for a better part of the day anyway.   I think about if I wasn't in Key West enjoying the sunshine and the beautiful tropical islands and fun people, what would I be doing today.

     If I was back in North Carolina again, I'd be headed out on to the lake and joining up with several of my friends rafting up in one of the coves or swinging from the rope and dropping into the water.     I know I'd have a jug of some type of "Rum Juice" with me and just enjoying the weather, the water and my friends.    Or, maybe I'd be heading to work, and standing in the hot sun at a race track staring at the lines on the computer trying to figure why the car won't turn left.

     I talk to other friends that tell me all they are doing, and they seem to all be having fun with their time off,   That is what makes me think out loud.    I guess you really don't have to be in an exotic place to have a really fun time.    I have enjoyed my days off in California on the rivers and lakes and at the Ocean.    North Carolina also provided many fun and memorable days on Lake Norman and at the Coast.    I guess for me the really central and necessary ingredient for me to have fun and memorable days is the water.

    Take your days to a new height of fun and find what really makes you smile and just go do it for the weekend, it will really make Monday a lot easier.   You don't have to travel a million miles to have fun, sometimes you just need to walk out the door and look around.   ;o)