Monday, July 18, 2016

Where are You Going to be Most Apt to Consume Alcohol This Summer?

   Summer time is a curious time when it comes to the consumption of alcoholic beverages.  Depending on where you are, it could be at the beach, the mountains, on the lake or many other places.   The summer provides us with so many opportunities to quench our thirst with a refreshing beverage.     It seems that Americans seem to be most apt to have an alcoholic beverage at a barbecue.   Portability and the ability to keep the beverages cold are big decision factors as to what they are going to be consuming.   

  According to Nielsen almost two thirds of regular alcohol consumers in the US say they will drink at barbecues this summer, ranking it the top consumption occasion.

     With more than 90% of regular drinkers above legal drinking age planning to consume alcohol outdoors during the summer season, picnics and barbecues rank the most popular occasion, followed by pool-side, at the beach, and then at patio bars.   In terms of summer alcoholic drink qualities, “refreshing” was ranked top by both men and women, at 61% and 64% respectively. “Natural” and “handcrafted” were expressed strongly with men, while “fruity”, “sweet”, “citrusy”, “frozen” and “bubbly” were more popular among women. 

     Nielsen data also found that social media had become a key influencer when choosing drinks for US consumers. One quarter of legal drinking age plus consumers said what other people are seen drinking on social media, increasing to 45% of 21-34-years old.   42% of the demographic also said that they like to post pictures of their drinks on social media, well above the average of 25% for all drinkers.