Tuesday, April 10, 2018

The Journey is Complete, Sanity Too is Back in Her Slip

Lil Sanity Headed Back to Her Slip.
     Five Am, we were up and packing up all of the stuff that has kept us going for the past 4 months
.  Move Lil Sanity into a temporary slip and headed for the boat yard.   At 8;30 am, the hoist slipped around her and the crew begant to hook up the sling and she was lifted off of the stands and headed for the water.

Sanity Too Splash Time

     Somewhere in the area of 9:00 am, the boat slipped into the water.  The journey back to Sunset  Marina was underway.  It took us just a little over an hour to complete the journey and back her into her slip and secure the lines.  With a little bit of work to fix a couple of things she is now in full operation tonight.  The AC has just about got the boat cooled down, so sleeping will be comfortable tonight.

Sanity Too Enters Key West Harbor

     Now as the sun is setting on Sunset Marina, I can take a picture
from the front deck and enjoy the beauty of the day turning into evening.  Thank goodness we are back home again.

Sanity Too Sunset in Her Slip