Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Sun, Surf, and Havana Club 7

     Vacation time allow the mind to wander and enjoy the beauty that is often not noticed as we hurry through life.    Sitting on the veranda overlooking the Caribbean, I seem to be noticing many things that I miss when back at home and in the midst of my "normal" daily routine.    It could be the rum and the relaxation, but more than anything, it is the lack of a schedule that forces me to be in so many places at certain times.  

    Relaxing and a bottle of Havana Club 7 makes for a pretty nice afternoon.   The sun filtering in through the veranda walls and the steady rumblings of the ocean rushing against the shore makes for an afternoon that just sends me off into a series of short naps and awakenings.   These make for a revitalization that I so needed.

     Rum, surf and sunshine the perfect vacation.   There is nothing to take seriously, but the sheer beauty of the picture infront of me makes me very happy and my time here very worthwhile.    I know, you don't need to be in Cancun to relax like this, there are times that I can accomplish the same feeling on days off on the back of the boat.  It is more about the letting go and allowing yourself to unwind.   ;o)