Thursday, December 8, 2011

City of Toronto: Caribbean Week December 5-10th

     City of Toronto has proclaimed the week of Dec 5th - 10th as Caribbean week, a week of celebration of the Caribbean's many distinctive sounds, sights, food, culture and rums.     This is an event that brings representatives from Toronto and the Caribbean together for the purpose of sharing their cultures and  promoting mutual tourism and travel.

     Rum and Rhythm is the part of the event dedicated to Caribbean Culture    One of the major plays in the event is Ed Hamilton of Ministry of Rum.     He will share his knowledge of the history and production of the Caribbean's most famous spirit.     Trevor Burnett will also be there to share his mixology techniques showcasing the Caribbean cocktails.     It is also a chance to experience some of the Caribbean's highly honored rums and enjoy some fine cocktails. 

     Sorry that I will not be able to attend this event this year, but it looks like one that would be something to look into for the future.     If you are able this would be a great experience.   ;o)