Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Bahama Bob's Super Mai Tai

     The Mai Tai is one of the more famous rum cocktails of all time.  There have been more versions of this cocktail that there are toothpicks on a bar.   By most accounts the drink originated at Trader Vic’s  during the 1930's in San Leandro, California.   It has been modified and adjusted by most any bartender that has ever made a “Tiki Style” cocktail.  Many of these contain ingredients like grenadine and pineapple juice, that the cocktail never needed.
     There are a couple of constant factors in most Mai Tai’s.  One is a multiple types of rums and the other is the use of Orgeat, otherwise the ingredients run all over the spectrum.    I have a couple of versions that I have used over the years, but this is the one I personally enjoy the most.

Bahama Bob’s  Super  Mai Tai

·         1 oz. Diplomatico Blanco  Rum

·         1 oz. El Dorado 15 Year Rum

·         3/4 oz. Grand Marnier

·         Juice of 1/2 Fresh Lime

·         1/2 oz. Agave Nectar

·         1 oz. Orgeat

·         Lemon Hart 151 Float

·         Splash of Club Soda

Place all ingredients except the club soda and the Lemon Hart 151 in a shaker filled with ice, shake  until chilled.   Strain into a large rocks glass, or a 12 oz. tumbler filled with fresh ice, add the splash of club soda and float with Lemon Hart 151 rum.   Garnish  your Mai Tai with an orange zest and a sprig of mint .

     Hope you get a chance to try my “top shelf” Mai Tai and enjoy it as much as I do.    ;o)