Tuesday, March 20, 2012

KW Rum About to Make an Appearance Soon

Key West Rum Company is about to introduce their new line of rums created with the Florida Keys laid-back attitude in mind..    This initial offering of a Gold and White Rum will be available in the Keys very soon.
     We will be trying to create some new signature cocktails in the Rum Lab with KW Rum next week.     I am really excited about the possibility of first tasting this new rum and then creating some exciting new cocktails that I'm sure will be even better because we are using KW Rum.

    Key West Rum is made here in Florida and is truly a rum that can wear the name Key West proudly.     It promises to be a great rum for your premium cocktails and even for everyday use.    It comes with a pair of flip-flops on a chain around the neck of every bottle that you will be able to wear proudly showing off your laid-back attitude.   ;o)