Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Do You Know Myth from Facts about Alcohol Use?

     As a bartender, I hear all of these myths and magical things that alcohol will or won't do.  The rationalizations that people give me on why they are drinking what they do, or better yet, how they won't have a hang over the next morning,  I hear a new myth nearly everyday that I stand behind the bar.  

     I ran across an article that was run in "The Telegraph" last month that gives you a chance to see what you really know or don't know about the facts about alcohol.

     Test your knowledge of alcohol-related risks and find out the facts about drinking.

     There are so many stories around alcohol and drinking that it’s hard to know what to believe.   Being informed about the facts is the best way to make sure that you drink safely.   Take this test to see can you tell the fact from fiction when it comes to booze myths.

     This is really fun, I did get one answer wrong.  See how well you can do on this test.  ;o)