Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day on Boca Grand Key

    A bit windy, but a beautiful day to get together with some friends and explore Boca Grand Key.  The ride through the Lakes Passage was a bit choppy, but we survived and got to enjoy the beautiful beaches and marshy areas of Boca Grand Key.   There were not as many birds like usual, buy the flowers, the ocean and the company made this a great day of resting and marveling at what nature was throwing my way.

     Once on the beach it was time to explore and look at all of the fun things that we always seem to find on the beach as we wander along the shore.   Mangroves in blossom, with their bright purple flowers, sea oats, and all kinds of other interesting things that inhabit this protected key.  Even the Grasshopper posed on this day for his portrait.

     The birds as they swoop over us are always a great show to watch.  Today a sea gull kept us entertained as he fed from the surface of the water.   He kept swooping down and plucking fish from the surf as he enjoyed his lunch and put an aerial extravaganza on for us on the beach.

     The water was like a virtual water color print with its palate ready for you to dip your brush in and paint your own picture.   Today was one of the days that I have so missed s far this year, the strange weather hasn't allowed enough trips out to sea to suit my liking.   I thoroughly enjoy a day out on the water for a second week in a row.  ;o)