Saturday, August 23, 2014

Key West Brewing Up for Labor Day Weekend

     The 5th Annual Key West Brewfest in scheduled to happen next week here in Key West.  A full slate of events are set to keep you going all weekend long.
  See the schedule at .   

     The 5th Annual Key West Brewfest  featuring more than 150 different beers, including many or call 305-295-6519.

award-winning microbrews. Events include seminars, tastings, pool parties, and meals.  The premiere  event is the Signature Tasting on Saturday, August 31 at South Beach ($75 per person for that event, advance tickets required). For more information, visit

     labor Day weekend is always a fun weekend here in Key west and the addition of the Brewfest just adds more color to an already crazy weekend.  Hope to see many of you here in Key West over the long holiday weekend.  ;o)