Friday, September 26, 2014

Traveling to San Francisco

Awalt High School Class of 1964
    Today I am traveling to the San Francisco Bay Area for my 50th high school reunion.  This is going to be a fun event for me, I haven't been to any of these events since the 25th when I left the bay area for North Carolina.  

     Facebook and the social media have fortunately allowed me to stay in touch with many of my friends over the past years. This 50th reunion will give me a chance to see many of them again.  We are getting together tonight for a fun welcome party then tomorrow we have the actual reunion in Sunnyvale, California.

     As usual I'll keep you apprised of all the fun and interesting experiences of the trip each day, but it is going to be a short one and will be returning on Monday to Key West. 

    If time permits, I will be stopping by Martin Cate's Smuggler's Cove in San Francisco.  If this works out, I'll have a full report for you when I return.