Thursday, January 7, 2016

This is a Novel Approach to Beating a DUI

“Drunk driving charges against a woman in New York have been dismissed after it was revealed she suffers from auto-brewery syndrome – a rare digestive condition that turns food into alcohol.”

   The 35-year-old teacher stopped in New York this past October when the police received reports her Toyota Corolla was “weaving all over” the road.   When pulled over and tested, she recorded a blood-alcohol level of more than four times the legal limit at 0.33%.   Police alleged that she failed several field sobriety tests, including standing on one foot and talking and turning heel-to-toe – but the woman, who has not been named, insisted she had consumed no more than three drinks in the six hours before she was pulled over.
     Her lawyer, Joseph Marusak arranged to have medical professionals monitor his client for a day to ensure she did not consume alcohol and to take several blood samples for testing.   She also bought a breath test kit and blew into it every night for 18 days, registering around 0.20% every time.   After several assessments, the woman was diagnosed with auto-brewery syndrome, and was prescribed a low-carbohydrate diet that brought her symptoms under control.
     Her case was dismissed, leaving her free to drive without restrictions, however prosecutors are seeking to have the charges against the woman reinstated.

     This is one of those  bazaar stories that only could happen in the American Jurisprudence,  Lawyers can find a way around almost anything.   I guess it is more power to them for their creativeness.   I wonder if they can tap that production and sell it for a profit?   Great possibilities there.