Friday, March 30, 2012

Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva

The taste of a fine brandy on the palate and the warmth of a Grand Marnier at the finish, makes this one of the classic premium quality rums in my collection.    This Venezuela produced rum will grab your attention from the first sniff.    The aroma of orange peel, molasses, oak and cinnamon will draw you in to your first sip.    The brandy like taste of aged oak is very elegant and enjoyable to the palate.    The big warm finish leaves you recalling the experience of the entire flow from aroma to palate to finish.

     The premium rum is double distilled in copper pot stills by experienced artisans of the distillation arts.     Blended with the expertise of the master blender, these rums provide you with a very unique experience of character, body, and delicate aromas.     You will not likely forget this exquisite "Antique Rum" and will be going back to it again and again.     This is a complex 12 year old rum that has earned the respect of rum lovers throughout the world and will surely dance on your palate as well.     ;o)