Saturday, December 1, 2012

Lunch with Angostura

   On the recent trip to the Angostura plant in Port of Spain, Trinidad, I discovered a very unique soft drink.   "Lemon-Lime with Bitters"   This is a very tasty soda that makes a perfect mixer to enjoy with your rum.  Our lunch at the distillery of a great sandwich and the mixture of 5 year old Angostura Rum was the perfect break between seeing the bitters operation and the rum distillery.

     This lemon-lime and bitters flavor adds a really exciting dimension to the mundane lemon-lime soda available everywhere.    It fills my head with new ideas of cocktails that could benefit from the combination.  Something that I will pursue in the Rum Lab at a later date.

     It is the Angostura Rum that I really enjoyed during the visit to the distillery and in the hotel after the tour was over.   Carlton Grooms and I sat on the veranda of the 10th floor an looked out on the mountains as a thunder storm worked its way toward us and enjoyed a bottle of the Single Barrel Angostura Rum that is only available in Trinidad.   The visit to Trinidad was far too short, but it was a very enjoyable day of tours and just plain relaxation on the veranda.

    Should your travels take you to the island of Trinidad, don't forget to try both of these  treasures.  Single Barrel Rum and Lemon-Lime with Bitters, both are truly unique experiences that will be memorable for the rum enthusiast.   ;o)