Friday, November 25, 2011

Antigua: Scooters to Devil's Bridge

     The Island of Antigua has some of the most beautiful scenery in the Caribbean.     Our scooter trip to the Northeastern part of the island found us at Devil's Bridge, a part of Indian Town National Park.   This place removed any doubt about the splendor that nature has bestowed upon this island.     Created by the sea after several centuries of pounding on the soft limestone below the bridge.     This natural arch consists of a much harder limestone that is resistant to the sea's erosion that still stands while the softer material below it has been washed away. 

     Devil's Bridge got it name because of the large number of slaves that worked the nearby estates had thrown themselves into the sea from the bridge.     The angry seas along this coast will swallow up and slam them into the cliffs amost anything she that gets caught in her fury.    Those who fall have little or no hope of survival.     It was said that the Devil would call them to cast themselves into the sea.     Thus the name, Devil's Bridge.      The draw to the bridge is believed to be strong in order for so many suicides to have occurred. 
     The area around the bridge is very unique also.     This is a wild area of the Indian Town National Park, and has been an environmentally protected since the 1950's.     Covered with Acacia Trees, a dry shrub known locally as "Cassie" and Century Plants, this area is also home to numerous bird species and herds of wild donkeys.       There is a beautiful meadow right above the Devil's Bridge that is a perfect place for a picnic and watching as the surf pounds the cliffs and the bridge.              

    If you are on the Island of Antigua, take the time to visit this remote National Park and enjoy the beautiful scenery and the wild life.     This was a great trip, a rest from the busy docks.     We did get back to the rum at the end of the day by visiting Antigua Distillery where we enjoyed sampling some fine English Harbour Rums.     ;o)