Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Parrotheads Arrive in Key West Tomorrow

The Meeting of the Minds, Jimmy Buffett's fan club convention begins tomorrow in Key West.   The 21st annual Meeting of the the Minds starts with a series of events that take place at the Casa Marina Resort, headquarters for MOTM as well as many other venues throughout Key West.   There is the street concert on Saturday afternoon and many other music and fun events all over the island.   These events are not all offficial MOTM events so you just have to follow your ears to get to some of the parties that are happening every where.   Many of the events are those of local clubs that are here for the event.

     Last year for the first time in six years Jimmy Buffett did make an appearance for his fans with an impromptu concert in the middle of Duval Street.   It is rumored that he may make another appearance this year as well.

    This promises to be another fun filled five days in Key West for all of the Parrotheads.    There will be feathers, coconuts, and just plain nuts covering the islands as the followers of Jimmy Buffet party on in their crazy fashion all over the island.   The schedule for all of the events is available on line at http://www.phip.com/motm_schedule.asp .    Parrotheads  welcome to Key West and have yourselves a really fun convention.  ;o)