Friday, February 27, 2015

Major New Initiative to Help Consumers Understand Rum

The Rum industry is faced with an unusual situation.  Rum has so many faces, causing a lot of confusion on the part of consumers trying to understand the category.  Basically there are three major types of rum out there.  There is Ron, Spanish style, which is generally lighter and more buttery in flavor.  There is Rhum,  French style primarily Agricole which has a more intense flavor and made to exacting legal rules.  The third and finally Rum, English style, Naval rum that has a bold and spicy flavor.

By categorizing characteristics of rum into three main styles – English, Spanish and French, it is hoped consumers will understand the spirit more clearly, giving them confidence to choose a brand outside their comfort zone.  


     Matthieu de Lassus, export director for Spiridom, claimed the map could help rum on its way to becoming the next great spirit trend.   “Our main intention is to better segment the rum market in order to create the necessary conditions for premiumization,” he said.   “Rum is the third biggest spirit category in the world and bartenders’ preferred spirit for cocktails. It has enjoyed steady growth worldwide for the last 10 years but still rum is the only spirit category to remain largely underpremiumized to date.   “We believe that premiumization will only come through a better education of our customers and a better segmentation of the rum category.”

     I'm in fully agree with Matthieu de Lassus, the only way that the category will grow is if and when the consumer learns the category, by finding a taste that suits your palate.   I'm hoping that this map will help you locate the place that your palate will call home.  ;o)