Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Unique Aging and Finishing Processes

Oloroso Sherry Casks
     There are many ways that are known throughout the world for  finishing spirits.  They take in the factors of altitude, temperature, humidity, and even consistency of all of these.  For me, there are many of these that are very unique.   For instance there is one rum distillery in Thailand that places the rum casks in an open grid rick over a spring that gives off a cooling effect that keeps the aging bodega at a constant cool temperature.  There others that have their aging bodegas high in the mountains of Central America to get the aging dynamic that they are looking for.

     One of the most interesting that I have run across is in Grand Cayman where the Cayman Spirits Company places their casks down in the ocean at seven fathoms and leaves them there for two years .  This method keeps the casks in motion the whole time and a a very constant temperature and pressure.  I've als heard of companies that place their casks on ships and sen them on a year long journey that speeds the aging process because of the motion of the ocean and the ship cruises.

Seven Fathoms Special Edition and Seven Fathoms
     Cayman Spirits Company has taken their process one step farther, by putting the rum that has spent two years under the sea into a Oloroso Sherry cask for another year to put the final finish on the rum.

    These days there are many distilleries that are using different wine casks to put the final finish on their rums.  Richard Seale has used Zinfandel, Madeira, Oloroso Sherry and other casks for years to put the finishing touches on many of his fine rums.   Diplomatico and others have been doing the same thing for many years as well.
.  This adds a subtle finish to the rum that makes it really special.

     It seems that these days that the place you age your spirit is just as important and yield as big of an effect on the finished product as how you distill it and where you source your raw materials.