Thursday, January 3, 2019

Leaping Forward into 2019 with a Smile

My Neighbor is taking theirs down as well.
     The Holidays are Officially Over for us for another year.  Today we are putting the decorations away and dumping all of the leftover junk food that has been on the boat throughout the holidays.  It has been a fun holiday season for us this year, we stayed away from all of the craziness and enjoyed the quietness of our neighbors on the docks.

     I hope that all of you got everything that you were looking for from the 2018 Holiday season and that you are ready to move ahead during 2019.  I'm excited about all of the possibilities and adventures that lie ahead and can't wait to get started on the.

     Time to put the past behind us and look and see what is ahead and embrace it with all the energy that we can muster.   Make your new year one that you can look back on and smile from ear to ear when you think about it.  You might want to include a taste or to of a great rum as well.