Friday, October 21, 2016

Tasting ARÔME 28 True Rum

    I received a wonderful gift box of ARÔME 28 True Rum yesterday.  I have to say that I was honored to receive this fine rum for tasting.    The rum was the vision of Andrew Troyer, founder and CEO of ARÔME Spirits Corporation.   “We set out find the exceptional and then package and present it in a way that meets our distinctive standards of excellence.  We designed our packaging to compliment the exquisite rum it was designed to hold.”   

This is a rum that exudes quality from the first time you set your eyes on it.  Even the sample package they send is elegant and won't let you just put it aside.    My first impression came with the dark mahogany color that was very inviting.  This medium viscosity rum. On the nose you pick up the aromas of the wood, leather, tobacco and nutty spiciness.    Upon your first taste, you are immediately greeted with the flavors of vanilla, oak, tobacco and leather.  There is a subtle sweetness in the front of you mouth followed by a long lasting smooth, rich and dry finish.   The blend stands up very well when a small amount of water or a cube of ice is added, opening the flavor up even more.   ARÔME 28 is a TRUE barrel aged blend of rums 28 years and older. 

     With only 500 bottles of the ARÔME 28 True Rum, this is a rum that will disappear  very rapidly, even though it is quite expensive, if you are an efficientado of fine rums, you might want to look for this one.    Each bottle is numbered, serialized, and includes a "Certificate of Authenticity" from ARÔME Spirits Corporation.