Monday, May 20, 2013

Monday Monday

   The start of another week here in Key West.   The weather has finally turned summer like and the winds are showing signs of calming.   It has mad me crazy not being able to head out to the remote keys and drift this year.   My days off have been filled with "honey do's", "boat do's" and choppy seas here of late.   I'm up early today so I can finish my Rum Bar orders and get the blog posted then have a play day today.   

     There  are no shortage of things to see or places to head out on the water and see here in the keys, but just getting my act together in time to head out and be able to get back before dark can be the problem.  Living on "island time" is great, but it can be a "bitch" as well when you are trying to get everything coordinated to go somewhere.  

     The one thing I know is that I am taking my flask of rum and headed out on the water today and going somewhere that will allow me to loose this pasty white skin that I'm wearing these days.   It is in the mid 80's today and there is no excuse for sitting at home as of right now anyway.  

   Only a few more things to get done, and away I go somewhere fun, peaceful and quiet just drifting through the shallows and shooting away with my camera in the sunshine.   ;o)