Tuesday, September 1, 2015

A Big New Rum Portal in Barbados

     The Caribbean Journal announced this morning the opening of a brand new rum shop in Barbados.   This has so many exciting ramifications that I can't even begin to tel you about.
     There’s a major new rum shop in the Caribbean  and it’s located inside an Grantley International Airport.   The duty free area at Barbados’ Grantley International Airport has opened a new “Caribbean Rum Collection” area including more than 80 rums from across the Caribbean region.   The shop is an initiative of the West Indies Rum and Spirits Producer Association (WIRSPA) and the Authentic Caribbean Rum Marque (ACR), part of an international campaign to promote the “quality, versatility and quality of Authentic Caribbean Rums.”
     “Our Authentic Caribbean Rums are the epitome of quality for regional products, equal to the highest quality spirits,” said Donville Inniss, Barbados’ Minister for International Business, who urged rum producers to continue their brand-building efforts.   The space will also include information on the brands, on rum production methods and on the cultures that shape the range of Caribbean rum.   It’s part of a broader educational program implemented by WIRSPA on behalf of CARIFORUM member governments, funded by the European Union.  
     “We are truly proud to see this fine collection come together in one place,” said Frank Ward, chairman of the WIRSPA. “We believe that this is the largest selection of Authentic Caribbean Rums available anywhere in the world for Travel Retail customers and are grateful to the Runway for giving our rum this opportunity.”
     I can’t wait to get back to Barbados and have an opportunity to shop this very special rum shop.  Thare are many great rum shops already in Barbados, and this is going to be something that I can fill a case with before returning to Key West.  ;o)