Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Rum in 2014: Where are we Going?

     With the Miami Rum Renaissance Festival just around the corner April 25th thru 27th , the rum category’s health in 2014 is an important subject to the rum lovers of America.    There has been a growth in the category for the pas number of years, but the category has taken an important step in the past couple of years.  There is a shift from bulk rum to ages ultra-premium rums.     Both are a part of the total picture, but the higher end sipping rums are the focus for the category today.

     There has been a trend toward the release of more and more of these very special rums in the past three or so years.  The Introduction in 2010 of Abuelo Centuria, in 2012, Brugal’s Papa Andres, Appleton Estate 50 Year Old Rum, in 2013, Bacardi’s Facundo Rums and 2013 Don Pancho Fernandez’s Origenes are all extremely fine rums that will rival the fine cognacs and top Scotches.

     “Despite global rum volumes falling 0.4% in 2012 (IWSR), this premiumisation is expected to contribute to the category’s modestly projected 17% volume growth by 2016, to 1.7bn liters (Euromonitor). Rum volumes in Asia will jump by 30% by that time, although local brands will continue to dominate.”

     There have been a large number of new rums introduced that are all in the sipping rum category, Diplomatico Vintage 2000, The Real McCoy Rums,  Brugal’s  Siglo de Oro,  Debonaire line , to name a few.  I’m getting indications that the trend is going to continue in 2014.  The idea of vintage rums is taking hold and the movement to more “honest rums” that really spend time in the barrels, instead of being artificially colored and flavored.

     I’m really looking forward to this year’s Miami Rum Renaissance Festival in April and the opportunity to see so many of my rum producing friends again and all of those who enjoy the spirits of the cane as well.   It is my goal to keep the category moving forward and introducing more and more people to the virtues of the fine rums.  ;o)