Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tropically Depressed: They are Trying to Drown Us

     There is a huge low that has been trying to drown us here for the past couple of days and promises to hang out with us for a few more. These are rare here in the keys and I hate it when rain just hangs over the island for days on end like this.   Alan Jackson's song about being in in a "Tropical Depression" fits weather like this here in paradise.    The black clouds that are hanging over us are filled with rain and it just keeps dropping huge amounts of rain on us.   Then it stops for a few minutes giving us false hopes of clearing up and then dumps on us again.    

     The rain isn't the real problem, it's the grey sky and the lack of sunshine to a fun loving bunch of inhabitants that live for the sunshine.  Unable to get out on the water or play at the beach, but rather are stuck indoors.    Our world is one of bicycles, boats, and motor scooters that don't do well in the rain.   Wet streets with deep puddles that cars drive through and drench you even more than you already were don't help the mood either.   This is phone killing time for us, it isn't the phone falling into the sea that kills our phones it is being soaked by the rain water getting into your pockets and drowning the phones where they live.
     The really good news is that this is only for a few days and will be gone again and it will be back to sunshine and the warmth of the surrounding waters that keep us smiling and washes the depression away.   I hat  e all of this self pity that I get when the least little bit of bad weather comes around brings over me, but that is why I live down here in paradise where this is not suppose to be happening.    Poor me!!!   No really it is funny how when you are use to the rain just breezing in and out of here in an hour or so, when it stays it does kill your mood and leaves you feeling blue until it goes away, and we are back out the beaches basking in the sunshine again.   ;o)