Thursday, April 11, 2013

Papa's Pilar is Now on the Back Bar at the Rum Bar

Papa's Pilar Dark and Blonde Rums
    The long awaited Papa Pilar Dark and Blonde have reached the shelves of the Rum Bar in Key West yesterday afternoon.   This is a long awaited arrival of a very fine pair of rums that will boad well for the serious rum drinker.    These are bold rums that are not for the spectators, but for those that live their lives through the experience rather than the experiences of others. 

    This is a multi sourced rum that is solera blended and bottled in the tradition of the bold in a WWII style canteen bottles.   Now that it is available don't wait to experience the flavor and boldness of this rum for yourself.   

     I will be working with the Papa's Pilar Blonde in the Rum Lab in two weeks, after the 2013 Miami Rum Renaissance Festival.  This is going to be a fun and exciting experience working with the fine flavor the rum.  Keep an eye out for more about these rums next week during the coverage of the Rum Renaissance Festival.   Don't waste any time trying these ne rums, they are really that good.  ;o)