Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Remembering Your Favorite Bars From Your College Years

    Ever sit and wonder to those old bar's from your college years, the ones you don't remember leaving, but always return to the next opportunity?     I was thinking about Marino's Club, in Arcata, California the other day and went and did some research into it.   It was disappointing to find that it burned to the ground on July 25, 2001.

     The venerable old building was built in 1891 as the Union Hall Association.  "Following the repeal of Prohibition in 1933, Banducci and Pritchard opened a bar on the site, but within a few years Marino Orlandi replaced Pritchard in the partnership, and in the late 1930s Marino bought out his partners. Then in 1947 he bought the building and converted the upstairs into apartments. Included in the bar were two alleys and the establishment was called the Arcata Bowl."
Beautiful Place in it's hay days

     It was the place in town that you took your date, it was a classy place that allowed you to impress her and just have a really fun evening.   They made all the classic and famous Tiki cocktails of the day.  The late 1960's I'm talking about.   It was probably one of the most memorable bars of my youth.

Sad Ending for a Fine Establishment
    Have you visited your old haunts lately?   Give it a try, it can be a blast or you might find that the era is gone, but in Arcata, the still talk about Marino's Club to this day.    
    It is fun to take a trip back in time to visit in your mind to the places that you learned a lot about life.  It is not so much fun to find that it has been lost and now just a memory in old photographs.  One of my fraternity brothers wrote "At night they used a lighting that made white clothes glow.  At the time I thought that was very sophisticated."   It was the little things that you always remember the most.

July 25, 2001