Thursday, May 2, 2019

Transparency of What is in the Rum is the Key


     There seems to be a lot of very strong feelings about how rum flavors are obtained.   Based upon the strong responses to the Richard Seale article that I posted on Tuesday.  I do have to say that opinions on this subject vary widely, but it is my opinion that it all boils down to transparency.  I ran across a rum that I had not seen before this past week so I went on line to learn about it and found that there was an honesty about what it was and contained.

     "The production process is overseen by Carlos Esquivel, who controls the most important production details of Martí rums including growing the distillery’s own cane, using yeast isolated from the skin of pineapples grown on the estate and using select American oak barrels for aging.  As relatively dry rums, Martí Plata is an excellent base for building classic rum cocktails. Martí rums contain less than 5 grams of total sugar per liter."

     This is what can help with the debate over what is added to make individual rums taste like they do, by being honest of what is added to the pure rum and where the sugar cane and yeast are sourced..  Marti Plata is a 3 year old silver rum that has been aged three years in American Oak barrels that were previously filled bourbon.   The label covers the way, what and how this rum is created .