Monday, May 22, 2017

Seeing The Public Enjoying Hemingway Rum Company

Pilar Today
     After a couple of weeks of soft openings at the Hemingway Rum Company it was a lot of fun to have a couple of days with the public.  I had a chance to see many friends that I hadn't seen since my retirement from the bar business a little over a year and a half ago.   The only drawback was that with nearly 500 or so people a day coming through the tasting bar, I wasn't able to spend much time with any of them. 

Ernest Hemingway
      I have watched Carlton Grooms and his crew working on this project for nearly four years now and I'm really happy to see the stress leave his face today when the VIP stuff finished up and the store opened up to the public.  Part of the reward for all their work came when the store was filled with people from the start on Saturday at 9 am. 

     Seeing the tribute to Ernest Hemingway's adventurous nature
Hemingway Wall
being the central theme of the store and the good quality rum being made in his honor is a wonderful thing to be around.  There are so many photographs of his exciting life, especially here in Key West that are built into the bar along with the ones on the Hemingway wall in the distillery area.  These help you to feel a part of this mans love of life and all the adventures that he lived.

Hemingway Rum Company Solera
     If you weren't able to attend this past weekends festivities, be sure to stop by one your next visit to Key West and see the Hemingway Rum Company at the corner of Greene and Simonton Streets.  It is a tour of adventure and rum, unlike any other anywhere.