Saturday, March 10, 2012

Week One of Spring Break Coming to a Close

     This year's first round of spring break has been  really fun  here in Key West.    It has been a mixture of people from Florida, Tennessee, Virginia and several other states all here to have fun and let off some steam after putting two thirds of a school year behind them.     The purpose for their visit, to PARTY and get together with friends.    All those goals seemed to be accomplished by the students that I have been around at the Rum Bar all week.     This has been a great group of fun loving people that were respectful and still had a great time on their vacation.

     I'm going to miss this group, they provided a lot of laughs and great conversation during their stay here in Key West and I hope all goes well for them and I will get to see them again.   We had 21 Virginia Tech gals staying with us at the Speakeasy Inn that all had a great time on and by the sea and partying on Duval Street.

     I got to see several other guys and gals that I had met the year before and returned again this year.    It really was a fun week with a really great group of students down here in the "Second Trashiest Spring Break Destination".  

     Week two is about to get started and if the new group is half as much fun as the first, it's going to be another fun week in Key West.     Spring Break lasts about 3 weeks down here in Key West and usually it's a blast for me and the people that come by .    Here we go again, let her rip, PARTY ON Key West Style.   ;o)