Saturday, July 25, 2015

Playa Siboney

Arriving at Playa Siboney
     I hear so many people talking about the beautiful beaches of Cuba, but I've had really no experience with them.   Playa Siboney is a south coast  beach, that is used by locals.  They tell me that the north side of Cuba have the beautiful beaches with the power white sand, but this one wasn't bad at all.

     The thing I like about this beach is the lack of commercial stuff like you find at many of the big and "beautiful" beaches.  No resorts, just a few palapas and a lot of local people enjoying the sun and surf of the southeastern coast of Cuba,

     I really feel that the area around Santiago de Cuba is very refreshing.  It has a rural quality about it even though it is a pretty good sized city.   The area is beautiful and so full of history and fun places.  Life is a "beach" and I really liked this one.  ;o)

Playa Siboney this is a "real" beach, quiet and not real crowded