Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bermuda Triangle Party by night and a day on the Beach

Marino's Bar in Arcata California circa 1968
     Yesterday was the recovery day from the Zombie Jamboree, but an early breakfast and a little time spent in front of the computer had me ready for day 2 of the rum festival.     An old friend from college sent me a note about how things really haven't changed much from the college days of the lat e 60's to today.     He commented how the Mai-Kai Apartments were between the TKE house and Marino's Bar where we often spent our spare time drinking zombies.      It is good to have friends that have the old pictures to share of those fun days.     Thanks Pete for the picture and the reminder.   

     Most of yesterday was spent walking the sandy Miami Beach and lazing around in the sun, something I'm very unfamiliar with, but still enjoy.     It was a pleasure to walk in the soft white sand and see all the activities that are taking place along Miami Beach.     The people tanning and just enjoying the sunshine, the surfers and the kite surfers, all make up the fun atmosphere of the beach.     It is real easy to loose yourself walking in the sand of Miami Beach.

The "Artic Wolf" in full pool fashion
     Hanging out at the pool after a walk on the beach with several of my fellow rummies was an enjoyable  time also.      The "Artic Wolf" showed his Miami Beach fashion statement, and the rest of us just were happy laying around and sipping a nice rum or two.     A little dip in the pool and a few more rums to sip and the day just slipped away and it was time to attend the evening event.

     The Bermuda Triangle Party was the event of the evening and a friendly competition between bartenders to show off their skills and create a cocktail the had to have Barrett's Ginger Beer and a Fee Brothers Flavored Syrup.     The entries were very taste, and the Miami bartenders showed well as the created their own personal masterpieces.     A few cocktails later and after a series of interesting conversations it was up to my room and a good night's sleep.

     Today starts the judging and really getting into the meat of the event.     This is the part I'm really looking forward to and can't wait to get started.    ;o)