Friday, June 27, 2014

Heading Down to Key West

Florida City
     As many times as I have driven to Key West from Miami, I've never really photographed the journey.  I'm returning from a trip to Boca Raton and I took the time to shoot some pictures through the windshield as I traveled west.  It is amazing how beautiful the journey is and how many things that you can see as you roll through the keys for about three hours on the highway.

Flamboyant Tree in Bloom
     The journey begins in Florida City as you pass through the old gate and on to the "18 mile stretch that leads you to Key Largo.  Jimmy Buffet has a song about traveling down the keys and stopping at many of the "watering holes" along the way as you egress toward Key West and the end of the road.  Believe me there are more places of interest than you will ever have time to visit along the way.  I had the chance in April to spend a day east bound on Highway 1 headed for the Miami Rum Festival with a designated driver and a couple of rum enthusiasts.  It is a wonderful experience, but you can loose your memory of the trip very soon if you are not really careful of what and how many you consume.

Hog Heaven in Tavernier
     Anyway, here is the trip in photos from yesterday, enjoy the "Conchy Tonkin" adventure.  If you get an opportunity to drive the "Overseas Highway", it is something that you should try at least once.  The breathtaking scenery and colors of the waters and the plant life make this a very spectacular trip.

Home of the Rum Runner in Islamorada

Flagler's Old Railroad Trestle

Pigeon Key, Railroad Base Camp


Seven Mile Bridge

Big Pine Key Dear Sanctuary
Osprey Aerie
Approaching Thunder Storm
Key West and the End of the Road.