Friday, October 5, 2018

Do the Airports and Airlines Need Stricter Alcohol Control?

     Bar operators in airports are facing turbulent times thanks to passengers drinking to excess before take-off. Airlines want limits brought in to take care of the issue.   On any other occasion, a cocktail before breakfast would be likely to raise some issues. But once you’ve made it past airport security, an alcoholic beverage – even at 7 am, doesn’t seem quite so out of place.  There has been a substantial rise in the number of disruptive passenger incidents in the skies worldwide, causing calls to curb alcohol sales at airports.
     Being disruptive aboard a flight carries serious consequences, anyone disrupting a flight risks prosecution for being drunk on board an aircraft, acting in a troublesome manner or endangering the safety of an aircraft or its passengers can lead to a five­-year or longer prison sentence.   With the increasing number of incidents, Airlines and government officials are for more prosecutions to curb the violent and drunken behavior by airline passengers “The abusive behavior on an airplane is totally unacceptable, it upsets everyone else as well as jeopardizing flight safety.   
     It’s important that the airports and the airlines introduce preventative measures to curb excessive drinking, both at the airports and aboard the aircraft.  It is felt that this action would reduce problems being created, rather than allowing passengers to drink to excess before and during their flights.   Pointing the finger at one side or the other does little to find a solution, a team effort is of both ground and airline personnel can provide a powerful form of persuasion.   The International Air Transport Association (IATA) joined forces with the travel industry to launch a campaign designed to raise awareness of flying responsibly.   The spirits industry’s idea of  drinking less but better has good response from consumers, trading up to more premium brands and embracing the less of higher quality is better.  This message of moderate consumption needs to travel through to airport and airline industries as well.