Monday, February 10, 2014

Wandering Havana Around Sunrise

Sunrise over the Bacardi Building
    As an early riser I get the opportunity to wander around places that I visit before the crowds get moving and a chance to enjoy where I am in a semi private way.   I thoroughly enjoy these sojourns and love to photograph some of the places and events that I witness in the dawn.
    From the Telegrafo Hotel I first notice the sun rising on Havana and the way it illuminates the clouds.  The back lighting of the buildings just puts a smile on my face.

Inglaterra Hotel and National Theater
     Last year I visited Havana and spent some mornings wandering around the park.   The morning sun is low in the sky and makes for some absolutely beautiful sights.  I hope that you enjoy this stroll as much as I did. 

     The morning sun brings to life several of these historic buildings like the National Theater, and the Inglaterra  Hotel.  The street view from the park is really breath taking as the rays of the sun bring the colors of the buildings to life.

     Looking ahead you can see El Capitolo, the equivalent of our own Congressional Building in Washington DC.   It was model after the United States Capitol Building and they truly resemble each other.   The morning lights just bring this pictures to life.    I love that there is just minimal traffic and only a few people moving about.  The dome is being restored at this time, and hopefully by the time I get to return the project will be completed.

El Capitolo
     Next time you are in one of these wonderful places away from home, get up with the sun and walk around.  You will be amazes how the dawn's early light brings your world to life in a very remarkable way.   ;o)