Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Sailing Around Key West

     The waters around Key West are perfect for sailing, there is almost always a good breeze and the waters open enough to have some room to play.   So it might get a little crowded during the yacht races, but overall, this is a very nice place for sailing.   

    Once a year the racing yachts come to Key West for the  annual regatta, then things get a bit crowded out to the southwest of the island, but otherwise it is smooth sailing here in the area.

The sunny days sailing on the waters around Key West can be fun, being a power boater myself, I still do enjoy a day our sailing around in the silence of the wind propulsion.   It is hard to describe, but slowly sliding through the waves and the sails filled is a pretty good feeling.    You can travel all over and all at the expense of the wind, a commodity that we have a pretty good supply of here in the keys.    

     There are many excursions out of Key West that will carry you out on the briny and let you experience the joy of gliding through the water on the wind.   Take any one of these and enjoy it the next time you come down to Key West for a visit.   The thrill will be one that you will not soon forget.   ;o)