Thursday, February 2, 2012

Walking the Beaches of Boca Grand Key

     I'm still drawn to the small uninhabited keys around Key West.     Boca Grand is one of those that is very special to me.     Just to be able to walk the beach of the Key West Bird Sanctuary and see all the variety of life out here.      Shore birds scurry and fly in packs as you wander toward the flock, the pelican and gulls just off the beach, and even the eagles and ospreys back in the protected center part of the key keep my head spinning to see what is going to soar over next.

     Seeing the interesting debris that has washed up on the beach and how mother nature carves her initials in the sands is very fascinating to me.   Examining the materials used to create such intriguing art that mother nature places on her pallet.   The surf carves three dimensional pictures in the sand for your delight and all of this is free for the viewing.   You just have to slow down long enough to see what is right at your feet before you step on it.   Walk on a little further and you find an old lobster trap that was washed up posed next to some old salt battered trees.   This little key is just completely loaded with things that you can fill the camera with.    This trip I took over 400 pictures, I wish that there was time and space to share all of them with you.h

     In the water you see rays and sharks swimming by just off the beach.  There are schools of fish and birds on the surface looking intently into the water for their next meal.  This is a place that reaches out to you from everywhere you happen to be looking.
Look at the upper edge of the beach and you find fish nets and drift wood, in the center for the beach you find the active part where the surf is carving it's art into the sands.

     Take the time next time you walk down the beach and you to will find the treasures of the ocean and land's meeting place.

   Remember that when you visit these very special and pristine places that they are others home and make sure that the only thing you leave behind when you leave are your foot prints.    ;o)