Saturday, January 25, 2014

Venezuela Through the Windshield

     Like so many of the other countries and islands that I have had the opportunity to drive through, Venezuela is one of the more beautiful ones.   We flew into Caracas and then a quick flight to Barquisimeto in the mountains of Venezuela.  We boarded a van for the rest of the travel time in country.    This is a beautiful country with the mix of the mountains, cities and the coast lines.   
DUSA, La  Miel

     Just out side of Barquisimeto is the Diplomatico Distillery with their grounds that are absolutely beautiful.   Located in Le Miel, a small mountain town just outside of Barquisimeto.

    Then it was off through the mountains for the trip to El Consejo on the other side of the mountains.  This is a very interesting and colorful trip through the densely forested mountains of Venezuela.  There seems to always be a mist or clouds that are hanging along the valleys giving the picture a very eerie look to it.  

     These mountains are so serene and peaceful to see as you transverse the country.  They make the hours from La Miel to El Consejo and the Santa Teresa Distillery just melt away.

     The roads are multi lane freeways all the way, and remind me of traveling through the mountains of Northern California on Interstate 80 or 50.    As the highway winds through the dense forest growth, you just seem to fade off into a state warm of amazement as you take in all of the beauty.

     As we approach El Consejo, we pass a huge lake and then back into the mountains again.  This countryside is just too beautiful to describe.

     Venezuela, like the other countries I visit, offers more when you are on the road to see than just transport from one place to another.  Enjoy the view out the windshield, there is a lot to see out there.  ;o)