Monday, November 20, 2017

Local Sourcing for your Spirits, How Important is It?

     Today people are seriously concerned about where their foods and yes, spirits are made from. They want to be proud of the spirits that they are drinking, thus the rise of the small artisan distilleries across America are starting to become so popular.

     Just a few short years ago there weren't many local distillers, most of Americans were drinking their spirits made in huge factories.  Many of these especially in the rum industry were made in places other than America.  Today there a re a growing number of rum distilleries popping up right in your back yard. 

     Many brands like Siesta Key, Bayou, Fwago Rum, Koloa, Richland Distillery,Wicked Dolphin, Tailwinds Distilling, Savanah Distilling and many more around the country are producing premium quality rum with locally sourced raw materials.   By making their spirits this way, they are not only supporting the local farmers, they are adding a very special local terroir to their rums.  Craft distilling offers this ability that the large spirits factories aren't able to provide.

     This is why it is so important for you to support the spirits distillers in your back yard.  They are giving you all of the fine quality and local flavor that you can't get any other way.  It is important that you get to know your local distiller and start to enjoy the taste of your own back yard.  It is always nice when you support your local distiller.