Thursday, August 23, 2012

2012 Hurricane Season Becomes a Reality


Predicted path for Isaac
Isaac is making the 2012 Hurricane Season a reality for those of us that live in the tropics. It has been several years since we have had to prepare for the reality of a hurricane coming at us here in Key West, but it looks like this one, even though it will only be a minimal one is nevertheless headed our way.


     Very few here is taking it lightly, many of the snow birds houses are seeing the hurricane shutters going up and preparation for the blow is well underway at many of the residents. Tomorrow, I will be adding the necessary additional lines and fenders to secure the boat and putting away any loose objects that could blow around and cause damage.

     After the dock and the boat have been secured it is time to get all of the preparations for the "voodoo" ritual by residences of the marina to have a party and consume glasses of my magic "Hurricane Bob" cocktail that has been successful at warding off hurricanes for many years. The only really good thing about an approaching hurricane is the "Hurricane Party", and then it's off the where ever we go to ride out the storm and wait for it to pass.

     Today is a bit gray, but the sun is still shining and the day will go on here in "paradise" as usual. It is a work day and one that is usually fun, but with the tourists becoming hesitant about heading into the face of an imminent hurricane, this could be a rather slow day at the Rum Bar. If you are here and your preparation is complete it might be a fun afternoon to stop by. We can have a bit of fun and swap some stories. The funny thing about hurricanes is that it doesn't get cold, just windy and rainy. That is exactly what the weather predictions are for Sunday and Monday temps in the upper 80's with rain and windy.

     I'll keep everyone aware of what is happening here during the storm as long as the internet is still functioning, and believe me I have an adequate supply of good rum to get me through as I sit on the back of the boat and watch the wind, rain, and the waves. ;o)