Wednesday, September 30, 2015

What is Your Window on the World?

      Yesterday afternoon as I sat in the dinghy waiting for a couple of friends to arrive at the dock I
got to think how different point of views can change things.   I sat looking at the same things, but from different points of view.  I looked at the boat behind through the twin hulls of a catamaran, or the highway through a bridge rail opening.

     This sort of set me thinking about how thing can be completely different depending on how you view them.   I was only there for a few minutes, but looking at things through the lens of a camera from a different perspective was really interesting.

     I guess that there are a lot of things in life if we would takes some time to look at with a"different set of eyes" as Gallagher would say we might have a better understanding of many other points of view and learn a little more from our experiences.

     Take a few extra seconds a you wander around and try to look at things from another side or through a different window on the world, you might be surprised what you see.  ;o)