Monday, June 22, 2015

The First Capsule Cocktail Maker Coming Soon

    When the coffeemaker industry introduced the capsule coffeemaker, we thought we were in heaven.   We had no idea where this technology was heading.  The Bartesian Corporation has introduced the worlds first capsule cocktail maker.

     The user simply needs to insert the capsule into the machine, add the base spirit whether its vodka, rum, gin or Tequila, select the strength and the Bartesian will mix the drink at the click of a button.   Six different cocktails will be launched initially, including three classic drinks – the Margarita, Sex on the Beach and the Cosmopolitan.   Three signature serves will also be available comprising the Bartesian Breeze made from rum, strawberry, pineapple, lime juice and coconut water,    Uptown Rocks mixed with gin, white grape, peach, lemon juice and cilantro sprig, and Zest Martini, a blend of vodka, grapefruit juice and cucumber bitters.
     What a concept, all you do is drop in the capsule and out comes favorite cocktail.  This would be ideal for the camper, just put the machine on the counter in the galley and push a button and I've got my cocktail ready for consumption.
     “Our team of cocktail experts have painstakingly developed each drink to taste truly authentic, exactly how your local mixologist would make them,” the company’s Kickstarter page read. “Each Bartesian capsule is made with real, premium ingredients, fresh juice concentrates, non-alcoholic liqueurs and bitters all in liquid form.
     Bartesian is looking for backers and offering rewards to those that are willing to back the project.  Bartesian also plans to reward those who back the project depending on the size of their donation.   You can find more information at their website.