Monday, November 3, 2014

This is Why I Live in Key West!!!!

     I'm on a three day business trip up to Mooresville, North Carolina, where the current temperature is 45 degrees then West to Phoenix where it is suppose to be 77 degrees..  Now that doesn't sound too bad to most of you, but when you are use to Mid 70's and 80's 45 degrees is just plain freezing.   There are no leaves left on the trees to speak of and the day is pretty gray all around.   Heated offices and a warm car will get me through with out any scars from the experience.

     This is a quick junket to try and finish closing out the estate of my friend before the year comes to an end and I have to deal with it for another year.   I'll be in Mooresville all day today then at 8pm I board a plane to go to Phoenix to work on another piece of the puzzle.   If all is accomplished, I'll be headed back to Key West on Wednesday and be at the Hurricane Hole enjoying a cocktail of two on Wednesday night, before returning to work on Thursday morning.

     I guess I really can't complain too loudly, it is suppose to be 77 degrees in Phoenix for Tuesday and back in the low 80's when I get back to Key West on Wednesday.   I still don like wearing long pants and a heavy jacket no matter what the reason.  BURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.  ;o)