Monday, March 16, 2015

American Craft Rum Distillers Among the Most Highly Recommended

     The American craft distillery business is growing with leaps and bounds.  it wasn't long ago tha the only quality rums came from the Caribbean regions, or so it was thought.  This is rapidly changing with the men and women here in America that are turning out fine quality craft distillery rums from throughout the US.   There are distilleries from the Rocky Mountains to the east and west coast of the United States that are producing fine quality craft rums.

     This week the category got a bit of a boost as The Spirits Business announced it most recommended spirits and two US Rum expressions were named.  Thomas Tew and Privateer True American Rum were both named.   Both of these rums come from New England and can be proud of their nominations.

     Thomas Tew is produced by the Newport Distilling Co., based in Rhode Island, in a traditional style of rum made from Backstrap Molasses and tempered with local water before distillation in an 88 gallon copper pot still. The rum, said to have notes of coconut, vanilla, butterscotch and toffee, is named after a legendary pirate.

     Privateer True American Rum a pirate-inspired craft rum brand Miles urges readers to taste is Privateer True American Rum, created in Ipswich. The rum comes in two variants, silver and amber, which have been aged in a combination of American, French and Hungarian oak.

     It is a proud moment to have our own American craft distilleries of which there are many to be honored is such a manner.  I'm proud to know many of these find craftsmen here in the US and glad to see that the group is being recognized for their efforts.  ;o)