Monday, January 4, 2016

Appreciating The Rums of the Past

     I had an opportunity to enjoy tasting a pair of rums that were produced by Callwood Distillery in Cane Garden Bay, BVI.   Though this is not a rum that would fit onto my list of favorite sippers, it has a place in the collection.  This is an unaged white rum that hasn't been filtered or played with after being distilled in a wood fired pot still. 

Callwood Still
     Callwood Distillery is the oldest continually operating distillery in the world, and their methods haven't change a bit.   Although they don't have all of the latest equipment that the large and modern distilleries do, it still produces a consistent rum as it did in its early days.

River Antone Cane Crusher

     River Antone Distillery in Grenada is in a similar situation.  They crush their sugarcane with a water powered crusher, and separate some of the sugar out of the mash and then ferment it in open fermentation tanks before going into their wood fire heated pot still.   

    Like the Arundel Rums, "River" is a pure classic rum that is available in high proof expressions of just plain pure rum.

River Antone Still