Friday, November 1, 2013

Facundo Rums are Finally going to be available in Florida.

Facundo Rum Collection
     Facundo Bacardi has announced the release of the new "Family Reserve" Facundo Rums here in Florida.    These are the very best of the Bacardi line of rums and hold a very special place in my mind as well.     This is a project that has spanned several years of blending and evaluating of the family reserve rums that have been stored in the Bahamas for up to 23 years.   There were 300 or so different rums that were involved in the project that were blended very carefully by Manny Oliver, Master Blender for Bacardi Global.  

Facundo L. Bacardi and Bahama Bob Leonard
     The celebration of the company's 150th anniversary was a time to look back over what had been accomplished and marvel at the heritage of the fine rums that had been produced through the years.  Facundo L. Bacardi, great great grandson of the Founder Don Facundo Bacardi Masso` said "There was a consensus that now is the time to share this with our customers." 

     I was honored to have been asked along with a several of the International Run Expert Panel to be a part of the tasting and evaluation over the past three years at the Bacardi headquarters in Coral Gables, Florida.   The entire group of us were invited to a special reveal of the four very special rums this past April in Miami.     This super secret project that spanned several years was well worth the effort for the quality of the final ultra premium rums that have just been released.

     The four rums, Neo, an up to eight year old white rum, Eximo, a medium to heavy bodied rum blend aged up to 10 years, Exquisito, a medium to heavy bodied blend of seven rums aged up to 23 years and Paraiso, the very best of the best, made from a blend of Bacardi's private reserves ranging from 15 to 23 years and finished in French cognac barrels.   These rums for which there are not enough ultra premiums for are now available ranging in price from $45 to $250 at some of the better liquor stores, restaurants, and cocktail lounges in Florida.

     Whether you think you like rum or not, this is an experience that you should not miss.  These rums will make you a believer that rum is not just some swill that a bunch of pirates drank on the high seas any more.  The fine abilities of Manny Oliver and his staff have produced some of the finest rums in the world for your enjoyment.  They are priced such that you can afford to enjoy them.  I personally liked all four of them and look forward to getting them in the Rum Bar in the next few weeks as they become available through my distributors.  

   I would like to pass on a very heart felt thanks to Facundo L. Bacardi, Manny Oliver and the staff at Bacardi for allowing me to be a part of the tasting and evaluation of these fine rums over the past three years.  ;o)