Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Key West is Headed into Fall

     The heat of summer is disappearing into fall in Key West these days.   The highs have dropped from 90is down to the mid 80's .     This may not seem significant to your people that are now in the 60's but to us this is the time of year that is really wonderful.    The breezes are blowing and you can walk and enjoy outdoor activities without overheating.     I look so forward to this time of year in the keys and am enjoying our cool 79 degree evenings as well.    Season has not kicked in yet and the crowds are still at an ebb, making it easy to navigate the streets and waterways these days.

     This is sort of our vacation at home when we can do all the things that we enjoy before the craziness of Fantasyfest drop kicks us into season.     Yesterday I took a trip by dinghy through some of the canals here in Key West seeing the back side of the houses and boats that make up this colorful area.     This morning is beautiful, I have my windows open and only a fan blowing to cool the room, it is always great to get a break from the air conditioners steady whirring.    

     I guess that is why we live down here in the keys, the cold of winter and the warm of spring and fall, oh yes I do enjoy the hat of summer as well and hanging out on the water cruising around the mangroves.   I guess it is time to grab a bottle of exquisite rum and move to the aft deck and watch the sea rolling in and the sun setting as I sip a fine rum tonight.    It is very wonderful to have a good selection of fine rum from which to make a selection.     Enjoy your evening as well.   ;o)