Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Afrohead Rum From Harbour Island in the Bahamas

The Landing, Harbour Island
     Afrohead Rum is a very unique rum, that is produced from Dominican molasses, fermented with special Trinidad yeast, and distilled and aged in Trinidad.  Toby Tyler will then blend the rum into his own special expression and it is then bottled in Barbados.   The rum was initially made for the consumption by the customers of Joe Farrell's The Landing on Harbour Island in the Bahamas, but because of the demand it is available here in Florida, Tennessee and available at the Rum Bar here in Key West.
     Toby Tyler moved to the Bahamas and immersed himself in the island’s rich West Indies culture.  He has established himself as the island’s resident rum expert.   When he was asked, “Which rum is your favorite?” and he replied, “It hasn’t been made yet.”   In 2008, after 18 months of blending, Toby tasted his favorite rum.   Nothing defines Toby Tyler, he is this free spirit turned rum blender who  effortlessly moves from behind the bar to the recording studio to catching waves.
     The very special logo pays homage to the West Indies culture and traditions.  There are many components to the afro stylized head.  If you look carefully at the hair, you sill see images of a crown, junkanoo, a mind's eye, rising sun, and a seashell that makes up the shape of the head,
     The rums are of a rich amber mahogany color, boasting aromas of spices with notes of bourbon.   On the palate, there is a very natural sweetness from the barrel with notes of tropical and dried fruits, in addition to  a light spiciness that leads to the long and tastefully smooth finish.
     All in all a very special rum with a very special story behind it.  Joe and Toby make up a very special team that has done wonders to bring this fine rum into the mainstream of the spirits business.