Friday, October 21, 2011

Fantasyfest Starts Tomorrow!!!!!

     It has finally arrived, the biggest, wildest, and most outrageous week of fun and debauchery anywhere.     Fantasyfest opens with Goombay in Bahama Village and the Royal Coronation Ball today and a week of outrageous events that follows to the grand finale, The Captain Morgan Fantasyfest Parade a week from Saturday night.   The complete schedule is on line at . 

     This is a yearly event that brings out the best in everyone and provides the visitors to Key West with the opportunity to party and act really crazy.    As though the visitors really need an excuse.     There are so many partys that you just can not begin to attend them all, and the streets are filled with revelers just having too much fun.   Body Painting, and an ocean of people just having a great time with and in the spirits of the party.   

    Behind the bar this week is just plain a fun and busy busy time with people that know how to party and have a good time.     ;o)