Sunday, June 5, 2011

Look Out Drum Circle Distillery Here We Come

     The Rum XP's are on the move again this morning.     A bunch of us are all converging on Sarasota, Florida for a tour of the Drum Circle Distillery makes of the fine Siesta Key Rums.     All of us are looking forward to seeing the facilities and learning what they are up to there and what new products are on the horizon.     The distillery tours are always informative and gives us a clear view of what they are thinking and a chance to taste some of their new products.     With our stories and pictures we are able to help with the introduction and fill in the blanks on the older products as well.

     After our tour we are headed for Trader Vic's in Sarasota for dinner and a few of the famous Polynesian Cocktails.     This is surely one of the highlights of the trip, and a part I'm really looking forward to.     I haven't been to a Trader Vic's since the 60's in San Francisco, this is going to be a real treat.      This group always causes something to happen where ever we go so lets see what kind of trouble we can stir up in Sarasota.

     Tuesday morning it is off to Lake Alfred and the Florida Caribbean Distillery for a tour of that facility.     They are the makes of several rums and other spirits.   

     I won't be writing any more reports til Wednesday morning when I return to Key West.     I am staying on a friend's boat at Long Bow Key and there are no internet facilities there     I'll give you a full report of the trip on Wednesday.      ;o)
This is the proper way to spend a Sunday in paradise