Sunday, January 1, 2017

Who Will be Making the Real "Havana Club" Rum?

     Today CBS as on its weekly news show “60 Minutes” will be looking into the Rum War going on between Bacardi and the partnership of Pernod Ricard and Cuban Government over the use of the name ”Havana Club” .   This should be a very interesting  show covering the war that goes all the way back to the Cuban Revolution.
     It's a story 60 Minutes reports from Cuba, where a longtime feud has roots to the Cuban Revolution.    
Who makes the real Havana Club Rum?   Who should own the right to sell the liquor under the famous Havana Club brand name?   

     Two companies are currently selling rum under the same name and for years have been battling it out in court for the right to the legendary brand. It's a story Sharyn Alfonsi goes to report in Cuba, where the longtime feud traces its roots to the Cuban Revolution. 

     "The Rum War" will be broadcast on the next edition of 60 Minutes Sunday Jan. 1 at 7:30 p.m. ET and 7 p.m. PT.

      This bar fight began in 1959, when the family making Havana Club had its business taken by Fidel Castro's revolutionary government. More than half a century later, one entity, Bacardi, makes rum in Puerto Rico and another, Pernod Ricard, makes it in Cuba in partnership with the Cuban Government. Both bottles say Havana Club Rum, both make a mean daiquiri -- the rum drink said to have been invented in Cuba around the same time the Havana Club Rum brand emerged. But who should be the rightful owner of the fabled brand?

Today the Sun Rises on 2017

     Today is the beginning of a New Year, lets make this one a great one by doing what is right and having a great deal of fun.  Try to find the good in this year just as hard as we sought out the bad in 2016.